How You Can Help, Even If You Can’t Donate!

Hello everyone. If you’re unable to donate to us, there are some other ways you can help Pressit Magazine grow!

We ask that you please share our Kickstarter and Patreon on your social media, and generally become actively involved in our community. We’ve got a Discord server, and a subreddit you can join. Follow us on Twitter! Ask questions, start discussions! An active community draws people in, which in turn helps us out. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can click here to download a PDF for a two-sided flyer that you can hang around your neighborhood to draw in more readers. Thanks for your help!

Support us!

We’re pleased to announce that Pressit has launched a Kickstarter page. You can find that here. We also have a Patreon page, which you can find here. We ask that you please consider making a donation to our Kickstarter, or, if you prefer, you can donate to us directly here. Every little bit helps.

If you’re interested in exchanging your money for advertising, we’ve also got a page for that. Click here.

Thank you so much for your contributions, and we’ll post more updates in the coming weeks!

Long-Term Revenue Breakdown

As evidenced by the infographic, the majority of the proceeds we receive from magazine sales will go towards a charity. This charity will be chosen by Pressit’s readership. Miniature, interim, and all other publications will follow this same breakdown of profit distribution. For those unable to view the infographic, here is how the profits from magazine sales will be distributed:

  • 60% will go towards a charity;
  • 20% will go towards miscellaneous funding;
  • 20% will go towards author payments.

Miscellaneous funding includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Taxes (assuming we are not incorporated as a 501(c)(3);
  • Advertising;
  • Paying magazine staff and editors;
  • Website design and maintenance.

Short-Term Revenue Breakdown

Attached to this post is an infographic, showcasing the breakdown of our short-term revenue streams. Notice that magazine sales aren’t included; this is because our first issue is free, and our short-term revenue stream is only planned out up to the publishing of our second issue. 

Kickstarter Funds

Kickstarter funds will be spent frugally; we’re asking only for what is absolutely necessary. Here are the dollar amounts of what we’re asking for:

  • $40 for author payments. Authors will be paid at a rate of 6 cents USD per word, with a cap of $25 USD. 
  • $70 for staff payments, $10 per staff member (there are nine of us) with $10 left over as an emergency fund. 

Assuming that we do not meet our Kickstarter goal, we will likely postpone incorporation. The other funds are more immediate concerns. If we meet a significant fraction of our Kickstarter goal, we will likely incorporate as an LLC for the time being, and later progress to a 501(c)(3). 

Patreon Funds

Patreon funds will be used for recurring purposes; the payment of the magazine staff, website hosting/domain expenses, and an advertising budget. Because we are unsure of how much money we’ll get from Patreon, we’re dividing our monthly earnings by percentages. We will only use Patreon funds to pay staff if we meet our first funding goal, otherwise all Patreon funds will go towards advertising.These percentages are available in the infographic, and posted below.

  • 22% for our advertising budget;
  • 69% for magazine staff wages
  • 9% for website hosting/domain expenses. 

Other Short-Term Funds

Not included in the infographic is a plan of ours; recommended reading lists, and short story anthologies. Occasionally, we may publish lists of books we recommend, alongside synopses and interpretations of those works. Below is a breakdown of how these proceeds will be spent.

  • 60% will go to a charity of the readership’s choosing. For the time being, and to encourage Patreon donations, we’ve limited the pool of people who can choose the charity to Patreon donors. 
  • 20% will pay the authors involved in the anthology. If instead the sales come from a recommended reading list, these will be added to our author payments fund. 
  • 20% will go towards paying our magazine staff and editors. 

Baltimorean and New Yorker Content

Hello there! We’re pleased to announce two mini publications that will come out alongside our main December issue: Baltimorean and New Yorker content.

These miniature issues will be free, and they’ll be published quarterly. The objective is to provide insight into the art and writing communities in these bustling cities. This will not affect our productivity on the main issue of Pressit, as separate teams of editors work on each issue.

In December, you can look forward to these three publications. They will likely all come out on the 23rd of December, though the Baltimorean and New Yorker content may appear later because we need time to accumulate submissions.

Thanks for reading!

-samuel swauger

Official Release Date

We’re happy to announce that the official release date for Issue #1 of Pressit Literary Magazine will be on December 23rd, 2018.

Issue #1 will be available on the new Pressit Store, as well as the Kindle Store. 

A Warm Welcome

Pressit began as a passion project. In less than a month, it’s grown to include fourteen staff members and a sizable readership. As we work on producing some of the magazine’s content, we’re happy to introduce our staff members to you. Some members are only listed by their Reddit name out of privacy. Be sure to say hello!

  • Samuel Swauger – Content Director, Reviewer
  • Matt Solari – Creative Director
  • Christina Rice – Marketing Director, Social Media Manager
  • Joana Gonçalves – Assistant Content Director, Reviewer 
  • Brian Martinez – Editor, Reviewer 
  • u/hkbagel – Editor
  • u/Svarog13 – Editor 
  • u/SiberianDilemma -Editor 
  • u/thebandofjaz – Editor
  • u/wedlee – Editor
  • u/thegrlwiththesqurl – Editor
  • u/margarita_atwood – Editor
  • u/orton3748 – Editor
  • Rocio M. – Editor

If you’d like to become an editor, we’ve still got three open editing positions. Apply by messaging u/CleanExpression on Reddit.